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3 Ways to Become A More Ethical Eater

Put down your phone. Seriously. Walk away from the TV. Go outside, sit in your dining room, eat with your family or your roommate. Shut down all technology- it is a must. Far too many people nowadays are unknowingly glued to their phones, iPads, and laptops. Whether you’re on Facebook, Reddit, or Instagram, you’re not paying attention to the plate… Continue reading 3 Ways to Become A More Ethical Eater

vegan food · Vegan Lifestyle

5 Mistakes I Made When I First Went Vegan

Eating too many processed vegan meat-alternatives… …and not giving fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and legumes a chance! I swear, at least the first two months that I was vegan, I was eating 2 veggie burgers a day (with buns, vegan cheese, lettuce, hot sauce, & vegan mayo.) HELL YES it tasted good! But I really… Continue reading 5 Mistakes I Made When I First Went Vegan

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Birthday Funfetti Vegan Cookie Brownies

Today is my best friend’s 21st birthday so OF COURSE I had to whip up some sort of vegan dessert!! Annie’s cookie brownies are supposed to be prepared with egg (according to the box) so I easily used egg replacement instead! This was my first time trying out egg replacement, so I’m super hype that they… Continue reading Birthday Funfetti Vegan Cookie Brownies