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3 Ways to Become A More Ethical Eater

  1. aug6Put down your phone. Seriously.

    Walk away from the TV. Go outside, sit in your dining room, eat with your family or your roommate. Shut down all technology- it is a must. Far too many people nowadays are unknowingly glued to their phones, iPads, and laptops. Whether you’re on Facebook, Reddit, or Instagram, you’re not paying attention to the plate in front of you.

“Why would I even want to pay attention to my food?!,” you ask. You want to pay attention to your food because it is literally giving you life. We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat,” but how many of us actually consider on a regular basis what this means?

What we put into our bodies is where we get out nutrients. I have recently been trying to clear my mind while eating, and I have found that there is nothing more meditative than appreciating every bite, texture and flavor that is nourishing my body. By simply doing this, I noticed I started eating healthier and noticed that I was fuller quicker!

2. Cut down (or completely out) animal products.

I know, I know. I promise I’m not trying to be a preachy vegan right now! But, it goes without saying that the single most ethical change you could make in your daily routine is to cut down, or even eliminate, animal products from your meals.

Each and every person that doesn’t consume meat and dairy for one year saves around 200 animals per year, aids rainforest restoration immensely, and protects our planet by not contributing nearly as much to ozone depletion and ocean dead-zones.

On top of all of that, by eating vegan, you will be decreasing your risk of heart disease, obesity, and certain types of cancers. This is a direct benefit from eating more plant based foods, meaning you will be lowering your cholesterol, bacteria, hormone, and animal antibiotic intake. Being more ethical includes treating your body better by respecting what you put into it. ❤

3. Save and/or compost any leftovers and food scraps.

I know, right? This is a new one for me, too. Saving leftovers for the next day not only gives you a super easy, quick & cheap extra meal, but it will help your wallet and uses less resources. It’s absolutely astonishing how much food goes to waste in the United States, when people all around the world are malnourished or starving. It’s highkey a blessing to be in a situation where you have more food than you need, because so many people simply don’t.

Composts sound super gross, but they’re actually very simple to set up and store. Just take all of your fruit and veggie peels and extra bits, and throw them in your compost. After awhile, you will have some of the most nutrient dense soil for indoor or outdoor plants and flowers 🙂


Spread nothing but love with everything ya do!! & Have a perfect humpday!

Xoxo Mindful Madeline


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