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Veganism Isn’t About Being Perfect

I drunkenly ate a slice of cheese pizza.

I ate bread that was made with egg.

And dairy-free cookie dough that I didn’t realize had egg in it.

Until a few months ago, I used makeup and beauty products that weren’t cruelty-free.

Four days ago, I drank an Ale-8 which I now know isn’t vegan.

What I’ve learned over the past year is that Veganism isn’t about being perfect. It is about incorporating compassion and respect into your diet and lifestyle. It is about learning to be a more ethical version of yourself and being conscious of the effects your decisions have in the world.

The #1 thing I hear from others about going vegan is “I would go vegan but I just can’t live without cheese.” I understand this line of thought, but that shouldn’t stop you from aligning your core values and your actions.

Not everybody goes vegan overnight, and not all vegans are completely perfect. There is a huge stigma around veganism- that you have to be perfectly vegan 100% of the time or else you are not a true vegan. This is simply not true.

Every single decision you make in your day that doesn’t support the torture and slaughter of animals, has an incredible impact on an animal’s life, the environment, and your body. Even if you eat meat only once a week instead of every day, you are changing the world.

I’m not bragging about my mistakes, and I wish I hadn’t ever made them. But these  moments of weakness or ignorance do not discredit the ethical changes I have made and the huge impact I’ve had on hundreds of animals. We are all human, and we will make mistakes. This fact, in and of itself, should not stop us from persevering to be the best version of ourselves possible.

I don’t eat meat and dairy, and I don’t use products that were tested on animals. I’ve slipped up, but I continue to do my very best to stay true to my morals every single day. If you are interested in going vegan, it is 100% okay to ween into it. Make small changes and test out the water. Small acts of compassion are worth everything to the animals affected.

Even if it is just one less animal-product a week, do it. And be proud 🙂

XOXO Mindful Madeline

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