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Nilotic Skincare “Sunrise Lemon” Anti-Aging Creme

Guys, I’m so hype about this skincare product.

 My whole life I’ve dealt with oily & problematic skin, and have tried a ridiculous number of different products that never really did much to solve the problem. After doing a little research, I learned that your skin actually produces excessive oil when it is dehydrated, or not receiving enough moisture. Drinking more water is a great way to combat this, but when that doesn’t sufficiently do the trick, we must MOISTURIZE. I’m probably a big dummy for not realizing this earlier, but I just wanted to share this new product that I LOVE.

This is Nilotic Skincare’s “Sunrise Lemon” Anti-Aging Crème, which is PETA certified 100% vegan and cruelty-free, which is (once again) everything I LOVE and stand for!!! Ugh gotta love me some ethical beauty brands. Also, this brand uses completely natural products, no is it non-toxic as there are no chemicals added whatsoever. Because they only use natural ingredients, Nilotic literally eats a spoonful of their product before sending out each batch, to ensure the validity of their products. YOU DON’T SEE CLINIQUE DOING THIS. So many companies you buy from test their chemical-infested products on animals, because they know how unsafe their ingredients are to the human body.

Screenshot (80)

Anyway, I just wanted to give Nilotic a shoutout for creating such an awesome crème that is high in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C, E, and K.

As if this product doesn’t get any BETTER, for each product you buy, you have paid 3 weeks of school fees for a child in the Naguru District in Uganda, have planted a Shea Fruit tree, a Moringa tree, and a Bamboo tree in the West Nile Region of Uganda, AND have supplemented income to the communities and local women from these villages for better quality and more empowered lives.

Feeling good about where you put your money is JUST as important and feeling good in the product physically. You can make such a difference in so many peoples’ lives simply by being conscious of where you spend your money.

ALSO, use the discount code “NILOFRUIT34” on NILOTIC.US for 20% off of all of their wonderful & ethical products! 😊

XOXO Mindful Madeline

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