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5 Mistakes I Made When I First Went Vegan

Eating too many processed vegan meat-alternatives… …and not giving fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and legumes a chance! I swear, at least the first two months that I was vegan, I was eating 2 veggie burgers a day (with buns, vegan cheese, lettuce, hot sauce, & vegan mayo.) HELL YES it tasted good! But I really… Continue reading 5 Mistakes I Made When I First Went Vegan

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Birthday Funfetti Vegan Cookie Brownies

Today is my best friend’s 21st birthday so OF COURSE I had to whip up some sort of vegan dessert!! Annie’s cookie brownies are supposed to be prepared with egg (according to the box) so I easily used egg replacement instead! This was my first time trying out egg replacement, so I’m super hype that they… Continue reading Birthday Funfetti Vegan Cookie Brownies